Our Networks


Benefit from our know-how and contacts - we invite you to "network" with us in order give innovation a suitable framework together.


Thinking ahead


Networked research and development - this is the motto under which we, are committed and creative in tackling application-oriented tasks in cooperation with 70 members and around 50 other partners from active cooperation (including end producers, suppliers, engineering service providers, universities and technical colleges). We initiate and design networks from industry, research and politics, bundle their competencies and strengthen the mechanical and plant engineering in Saxony and Germany. From ideas and approaches to solutions, future and market-oriented technologies and products are developed within the framework of preliminary research through to practical implementation.




Network Development and -management


The institute develops and manages various cooperation networks. A cooperation network is an association of SMEs, large companies, universities and research institutions. Geared towards  future-oriented markets, innovative products, technologies and services are developed with the support of these networks. Our networking goals include:


  • Providing new contacts to expand business relationships
  • Transfering knowledge to enable a technological advantage
  • Developing solutions for current and future technical requirements
  • Applicating for and supporting of funding projects


Research offers your company the opportunity to set itself apart from competitors and to set the course for a positive company development. Research means an investment in the future! Minimize economic and technical risks with non-repayable grants from publicly funded research and development projects. We support you in this. We accompany you from the idea to the market launch and beyond. With us at your side, you get a structured development process and the assurance that your project will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines.




Short and Compact

  • Development and structuring of cooperation and/or research networks
  • Acquisition of project and research partners
  • Selection of suitable funding programs
  • Phrasing of research funding applications
  • Management of research projects
  • Phrasing of interim and final reports
  • Utilization of R&D results
  • Preparation of market entry with new products
  • Implementation of cross-industry knowledge and technology transfer projects

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