Simulation and Calculation


Before going into actual production or processes, one should know what can happen in different scenarios.

We can only obtain this knowledge through the correct collection and evaluation of data.

Our teams accompany each project with the aim of accurate functioning and execution. In the development of prototypes in particular, we proceed in such a way that it becomes visible down to the smallest detail as to what can behave in which way.

We collect data at the right time and in the right place. Thus, we avoid unwanted effects and can act before it is too late.


If you need FEM simulation for forming, biomechanical or multiphysical simulations, you are at the right place at ICM. We cover all relevant areas of data science in mechanical and plant engineering and rely on proven methods, but always break new ground.

  • FEM forming simulation
  • FEM plasma simulation
  • Drive and control simulation (FEM static and dynamic), SimX
  • Biomechanical simulation
  • Numerical flow simulation
  • Multiphysical simulation
  • Structural mechanics simulation
  • Analytical calculations
  • Data Science

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