Resource and Energy Efficiency


Our goal is the continuous improvement of quality and efficiency in production with the considered use of technical, economic and natural resources. The development, design and production of innovative industrial equipment constantly present us with new customer-specific challenges. However, successful and comprehensive project processing is only possible if all three areas - technology, environment and society - are taken into considerations. We develop systems for the future of mechanical engineering, integrate them into existing ones and create new manufacturing scenarios. We create sustainable products and processes that are designed to reduce material and energy consumption. Specifically tailored to your requirements, we develop customized solutions for you.


Energy-efficient manufacturing


Increasing production figures and increased product variants as well as customer individualization and efficiency pressure characterize the development trends in production. Economic efficiency and the considered use of resources demand new approaches in production planning. We take the path to the digital factory together and implement human-technology interactions tailored specifically to your requirements.


Technology Development


In order to achieve an economic added value, an optimal interaction between production results and the use of resources is necessary. The question of the appropriate manufacturing process is posed anew for each product. In cooperation with its partners,  the ICM, offers you the possibility to investigate and evaluate different manufacturing processes and to implement them in an interdisciplinary way. For this purpose, the ICM has its own test stands in the SchAz Training and Application Center, as well as at partners' facilities. We are happy to work with you to develop innovative processes for your applications.




Hydroforming is a predestined process for implementing resource- and energy-efficient production. Several sub-processes can be integrated in one press stroke, process chains can be shortened and high-precision components can be manufactured to suit the load.


In the field of hydroforming, the ICM specializes in friction and interlocking joining, the use of different types of steel at room temperature, the use of multiple tools for small and thin-walled components and the creation of partial material accumulations.


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