Industrial Engineering


In the future, progressive digitalization in production and improved resource and energy efficiency will decisively change the classic mechanical and plant engineering. Our core areas of work range from machine and plant development for cutting, forming and joining processes, to processing technologies, taking into account the future trends. Workpiece handling, automation technology and the associated equipment and tool systems are part of our research work. Based on the respective technological basis, new conceptual solution approaches are developed at the institute, on the basis of which the systematic application-specific development of assemblies and system components takes place. Against this background, the ICM e.V. also conducts preliminary research in strategically selected fields of work, in particular the development of hydrostatic bearing and guide systems as well as on mechanisms of action and their parametric quantification for flow effects in border areas.


In collaboration with our partners from industry and science, we work on innovative products and processes for mechanical and plant engineering. Our goal is to link expert knowledge and digital data and to accompany SMEs in particular on their path to digitization.

Machine and plant development


We develop your special purpose machines - all from a single source. Our focus lies in the areas of machining with specific cutting edge as well as in the area of handling systems, which are either required for changing tools or for feeding and removing parts. All areas of the mechanical design can be mapped, from concept development and load-based design to detailed design. Electrical planning, risk assessment, the creation of all necessary documents as well as subsequent assembly support round off our possible services.

As an institute for applied research, we promote new developments in the field of mechanical engineering. We develop new machines based on customer inquiries - also from a technological point of view. These topics may involve elements of risks. The risk can be reduced by government grants. For this reason, we examine possible approaches to complex tasks in cooperation with our partners and customers and, if necessary, have all the required tools in-house to apply for subsidies.

Furthermore, we carry out documentation of ergonomic examinations according to valid standards and guidelines for compliance with the EC Machinery Directive.




Nowadays, automation is part of the routine in the production processes of many industrial applications and is now considered irreplaceable. Automation solutions can demonstrate advantages especially in monotonous activities and high repetition rates. The range of automation technology is not limited to modern collaborative robots, so-called cobots. Rather, the technical concepts are always individual specific solutions that have to be developed in an interdisciplinary manner according to the work task. The implementation of an automation solution is only profitable if a previous analysis puts all perspectives in correlation. Technology, target criteria, process parameters and the stress on humans and machines must be considered in equal measure in order to identify the potentials.


With our expertise in mechanical and plant engineering, we are able to implement a customized automation solution based on the technological requirements of the task.


We also explore new approaches. The technical developments in recent years have led to far-reaching changes in the use of automation technologies. Humans have now entered the robot's workspace - and vice versa. In particular, the safety consideration gained eminent importance

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