Information and Communication Technologies


The information and communication industry represents one of the largest economic sectors in Germany and is an important driver of innovation and growth in many other industries as well. Digital technologies of all kinds are changing our lives. This topic area bundles a multitude of innovative technologies. We focus on the areas of software, electronics and data science.




ICM e.V. develops customized electronic solutions for and with small and medium-sized enterprises. We accompany prototypical product development from the creation of circuit diagrams through circuit board designs, to the production and assembly of functional models. We commission prototypes of our developments into operation on site and prepare series production in cooperation with our partner companies. Important focal points are data acquisition and data transmission, with emphasis on wireless transmission technologies. As a research institution, we also support the approval process for electronic components, carry out climate and functional tests and help with CE approval and technical documentation.


Data Science


Digitalization and the development of electronic components are directly related to the evaluation of large amounts of data (Big Data). Due to the abundance and variety of this data, it is often necessary to apply well-founded algorithms and processes to extract knowledge from it. In cooperation with companies, we research the profitable application of machine learning methods and AI algorithms. We are pursuing the goal of collecting, forwarding and efficiently evaluating relevant process data.




In a digitalized world, innovative software solutions are an important part of plants and test stands as well as of innovative product developments. We research intelligent plant software that simultaneously meets the highest standards of usability and software ergonomics, thus enabling SMEs to access digitalization.



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