Innovation Management


The path from a good idea to real innovation is often long and difficult. Certain framework conditions promote the creative development of people better than others. In the field of industrial production, innovations often result from systematic research and development work. New creative impulses can be drawn from modern sensors and data processings. The right handling of knowledge is decisive for sustainable development success, since certainly not all past experiences can be repeated. Various requirements are placed on the management of innovation processes depending on the initial and framework conditions.


We research questions of innovation management in our three main areas:

  • Ideas, concepts and strategies
  • Business models and processes
  • Management methods and tools

Ideas, concepts, strategies


This research focus includes the starting point for any innovation: "the new idea". New ideas have to be found, thought of or derived. Regardless of whether the decisive impetus comes from creativity techniques or external influences (e.g. open innovation and crowdsourcing), they must be backed up and evaluated with specialist knowledge. The basic technical-technological feasibility as well as a certain need are the prerequisites for the concept development, an essential part of which is the derivation of tangible solution approaches and realistic implementation scenarios. Without an implementation concept, new ideas are just new ideas.


Business models and processes


This research focus essentially includes the transfer of innovative ideas into competitive products, technologies or services. Depending on the framework conditions in a company and its environment, innovation may require the adaptation of proven business models and processes. Digitization and the changes immanent to it also open up new possibilities for the utilization of data and information. Such approaches are subsumed under the term digital business models.


Management methods and tools


This research focus deals with the practical implementation of innovation in operational practice. The entire innovation process - from the initial idea through technical implementation concepts to integration into an operational business model - requires strict end-to-end management. The interaction of information, experts and technology as well as the asset to be used must be coordinated in such a way that the planned implementation goals are achieved effectively and efficiently. The application of modern hybrid and agile project management systems optimize development processes holistically. The monitoring of value chains is taken into account as well as human factors.


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